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The Entertainment of a Night Club with...

About Us

Salsa2Spa is an elite mobile entertainment and indulgence service which provides "Spa Parties With A Twist" - the twist being, Salsa Dance Lessons, Salsa Dance Performances, Live Latin Bands & DJs.

Salsa2Spa provides salsa dance and music services with spa services in party and social settings.  We provide Latin-themed spa parties at your event.

Whether you are having a large corporate function or a small intimate gathering, Salsa2Spa is a perfect way to make your event pop with flavor!  Salsa2Spa provides interactive entertainment, live performance acts and spa party services all in one.

...the Indulgence of a Day Spa

How Salsa2Spa Works

What is a Spa Party?

Spa parties are meant for fun and relaxation, a time for a group of friends, family, co workers and associates to come together to fellowship and get pampered at the same time.  Most spa parties occur in the home or at the spa, however, our services are provided at your corporate or private party event.  Salsa2Spa sets up designated mini spa stations pampering your guests with 10-20 minute mini spa services.  These indulgence services will allow your guests to mingle with each other while simultaneously creating an instant sense of well being.  Think about how relaxed, receptive and carefree you feel after receiving a massage, this is how your guests will feel after receiving our mini indulgent service(s).

How Does a Salsa2Spa Party Differ From the Average Spa Party?

While many spa party service providers offer basic and themed spa parties, Salsa2Spa specializes in authentic Latin-Themed spa party services.  Latin entertainment is our specialty.  If you are looking to create the excitement of a Latin nightclub reminiscent of the Palladium with authentic Salsa dance and music performance and interactive entertainment, then Salsa2Spa is your best choice.  Let our Elite Entertainment Professionals show your guests a time they won’t soon forget!

Customizing Your Event

The wonderful quality about Salsa2Spa is that there are so many options and flexibility within our service.  Salsa2Spa’s consultant will work with you to customize your event to best fit your needs on all levels.  Here are basic considerations that Salsa2Spa's consultant will assist you with in preparation for your event:

Space Allowance:

Space logistics for your event will be considered from the type of floor and equipment allowance for live performance acts, as well as space allowance for spa services.  For larger events, more options are available - the option of hiring more than one spa technician per category, as well as, a variety of several different spa services with multiple spa technicians if your event space allows for it.


Salsa2Spa’s services are set up to meet your budget.  Packages vary from a basic package of one Salsa service and one Spa service for your party to 5 to 6 categories of Salsa and Spa selections.

Event Timeline and Guest Services:

Salsa2Spa provides several options for the progression of your party and will work with you to decide which procession order will meet the needs of your event and your guests.  Salsa2Spa will also assist you with ideas for which services will compliment your event based on the size, space, number of guests and location and layout of your event.

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